Thermal Trend

Advancing along with technology is an important aspect of any successful business, therefore ACMT has chosen to lead the way with the latest equipment and software available in today’s infrared PdM market. Long & short wave focal plane array infrared cameras, digital photographic cameras, Pentium lap tops and pen computers loaded with the latest in thermal analysis software, and Thermal Trend historical trending software assures our customers that they are receiving the very best value for their maintenance dollars in the infrared industry.



Documenting each anomaly and entering those  anomalies into report form as we travel throughout your facility allows our technicians the opportunity to produce aprioritizedtemperature rise report at the end of each inspection day. Reports can generally be completed and delivered in a bound hard copy report, on compact disk, by email, or from a secured ftp location within a few days. Digital reports can be available immediately following the completion of your infrared inspection, before we leave the site if requested for a nominal fee.

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