Electrical Application

Even new equipment can arrive with problems, therefore an infrared electrical inspection should be scheduled following the initial start-up and shortly before the warranty expiration date. This scheduling can save thousands in repair costs should any problems arise. The anomaly in this thermogram was identified about 1 week before the warranty expiration date and saved the company thousands in internal repair costs not to mention the potential production loss which could have entered the high six digit area. While this anomaly is visible at the bushing, repairs were attempted at the visible bolted connections in an attempt to eliminate as many potential possibilities as possible only to find the anomaly increase in temperature. The source turned out to be an internal buss connection, likely loose right from the factory.

Obviously a connection problem, right! Compare these 2 components and analyze the differences before coming to any rushed decissions. While the source of the energy observed on this insulator appears to come from the top connection, the temperature decreases along the top line and also appears to decrease through the insulator. This equipment was shut down as per the thermographers analysis to further investigate the internal components related to this insulator, only to find the bottom connection severely burned and only milimeters from burning completely through, potentially causeing a catastrphic situation.

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