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Prompt accurate identification of smokeless hotspots.
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Electrical Application

Electrical infrared thermography is a condition monitoring tool to predictively maintain electrical systems, increase reliability and decrease downtime.

Low Voltage: PLC Cabinets, Bus Connections, PDC’s, Disconnects, Starters, Lighting Panels, and Transformers.

High Voltage : Transformer Bushings, Transmission & Distribution Splices, Triplex Connections, Corrona Discharge, and Unbalanced Loads.
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Mechanical Application

Infrared thermography is an excellent condition monitoring tool to assist in the reduction of maintenance costs on mechanical equipment. The technique allows for the monitoring of temperatures and thermal patterns while the equipment is online and running under full load.

Applications : Motors, Bearings, Refractory Breakdown, Slab Heating, Roofing, Building Envelope, Furnaces.
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